Columbia City


Located in the heart of Columbia City, this 340,650 square foot mixed-use development is designed to be an active part of the surrounding neighborhood. A mixture of restaurants, shops, and small office spaces line the street-facing façades, which are oriented in a way that complements the nearby library, community center, and playfields. Open, welcoming spaces emphasize the development as an inclusive, living part of the community.

Each street frontage has a unique character. The retail space facing Rainier Ave S is embedded within an entry plaza complex intended as a community living room with seating, retail spill-out, and fire and water features. The facade along S Alaska St forms a new urban edge for the park across the street, with its pedestrian-oriented wide sidewalks, street furniture, and larger anchor shops. In a nod to the neighborhood’s informal character, a through-block shortcut links the two streets and hosts commercial office space—a much-desired commodity in the community. This shortcut also aids in navigating the significant grade change across the property, while also conceptually linking two existing community hubs (the playfields and the library). The third frontage along 38th Ave S to the east is more residential in character and is home to two live-work units, providing a transition between the commercial and residential uses around the project.

We also wanted this project to feel like home. The development contains 240 of residential units ranging from studios to two bedroom apartments, built around a central courtyard for residents to enjoy. Between this feature and the exterior public spaces, this project is an ideal spot to relax, grab some food, and take part in all of what Columbia City has to offer.