Ravenna Townhomes


The Ravenna Townhomes project sought to blend into an iconic Seattle neighborhood that is a mix of small scale commercial and retail buildings, single family houses and historically significant public buildings. The project hopes to fit gracefully into this eclectic mix of scales, uses, and vintages.  The project was designed to connect the pedestrian scale of the street to the residential scale of the Ravenna neighborhood by breaking a total of sixteen units down into four three story buildings grouped around a shared landscaped courtyard with private parking below.  Natural daylighting and direct solar heating is maximized in the courtyard by orienting it north to south.  This creates a pleasant and inhabitable shared space.  Each unit has private patio space that faces into the courtyard and additional private outdoor amenity space accessed from the master bedrooms.  Design features include raised front entry stoops along Ravenna, perforated brick walls framing the project entry, and textured brick and cedar walls along street facades.