The Boulders at Green Lake is an urban living community in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. The Boulders are just blocks from the lake, local library, restaurants and shops. Special care was taken to make sure that the community is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound. Eco-friendly wool carpeting, Marmoleum bathroom flooring and low VOC paint are just a few of the “green” aspects of this project.

All residences climb upward with stunning cedar siding and gable roofs. This design results in a beautiful triad of city, mountain and water views. In addition to the large cedar tree that anchors the center of the Boulders, there is also 125-foot long man-made creek that runs through the site. The river serves a dual purpose; it provides a visually and aurally pleasing component to life at the Boulders while simultaneously reducing sounds of traffic generated from Interstate 5.