The Fremont Lofts embody the creative spirit of Fremont. A mix of industrial materials and wood evokes the character of this arts community. Four pairs of 1,800-2,100 sf townhouses are clustered around “Water Street,” a lane designed for vehicular and pedestrian activity. Innovative site design, unique use of materials and the hillside surroundings all make this project more than just a multi-family development. The sense of community that has developed at Fremont Lofts is exceptional.

The $3.8 million townhomes create open space with the Dutch style “wonerf” which provides an interior pedestrian-friendly drive lane. The result is a small community at the heart of the residential blocks north of Fremont. Neighbors wander through the lushly landscaped “wonerf” and occupants of the eight townhouses discuss the day’s news from balcony to roof deck across the unique open space provided.

High ceilings and open rooms allow owners to customize their space for comfortable living areas, versatile work areas, media rooms or specialized hobby areas. Garages, roof decks and basements are available. Fremont Lofts provides a close-in location with easy access to work and neighborhood amenities. The living spaces blend the best of new townhome design with energizing nature and the flexibility of open loft living. The units reveal views of the city, the Olympic Mountains and the ship canal with their north/south layouts providing light from their southern exposures during the darker seasons.