This mixed use project in Uptown seeks to be a good neighbor while defining a design language for the rapidly changing district. The primary facade on Second Avenue is composed of three vertically clad wooden boxes cantilevered twelve feet from a strong brick backdrop. The brick comes down to grade where the pedestrian experience is reinforced by lush landscaping and an extremely transparent and inviting facade. The retail spaces are designed to house an anchor restaurant and complimentary bakery/cafe.

Recently Uptown was named Seattle’s third Arts & Cultural District. This designation has opened up even greater opportunities to mesh with and reinforce the neighborhood’s emerging character. Our project will integrate two works of art directly within the architecture. The first is a responsive contoured sculptural element that floats above the public lobby. It is composed of thousands of translucent fabric panels that are lit from behind by a fully controllable LED grid. The ceiling can respond to visitors walking through the lobby or create an abstracted representation of the clouds moving overhead or it can create it’s own designs using algorithms that mimic Heraclitean patterns. The second piece is another floating ceiling installation made up of thermoformed acrylic panels. Most of the panels are mirrored, reflecting the action below but some are rear projection screens showing video of the sky above or the stars at night. Look at our news section to see posts about how these are being created.

We are also looking beyond the architecture to reach out to the artist community including:

  • We are working with Uptown Arts and Culture Coalition to incorporate art opportunities into our project, including display in the lobby/gallery.

  • We are working to become qualified as Cultural Space in Uptown Way-finding program. The lobby area and street-front patio will be a great place for Uptown Art Walk.

  • We are providing 7 affordable housing units through MHA and MFTE programs. Our affirmative marketing plan will focus on local artists and theater companies to provide affordable housing in the nieghborhood for local artists.

  • Parts of garage space will be designated as artist’s studios. Artists can search through Spacefinder to look find short-term rehearsal space or long-term working space in our building