Liz Wasson Coleman

When Liz got her first job at a design firm in 2004 it felt like coming home. As a child, Liz drew floorplans on graph paper and even studied drafting in high school with the intention of being an interior designer, but it turns out that communicating about design is really where she is happiest.

Liz holds a BA in Arts & Literature from Antioch University and applies her background in fine arts and writing to all of JA’s marketing endeavors, from proposals to press releases, and everything in between. She’s worked at Northwest design firms big and small, which gives her a strategic perspective on JA’s opportunities and what sets us apart: truly exceptional design. When she isn’t working as JA’s Marketing Director, Liz can be found listening to music on vinyl with her family, writing her perpetually unfinished novel, or working out in a barre3 studio.