Family, friends, and dining are the heart of this house.  Here, the interior blends with the exterior and distance is less noticed.  The roof suspends itself overhead nimbly without imposition, giving attention to the surrounding landscape, and extending itself to shelter an outdoor cooking and dining space. 

At approximately 382 feet above sea level, the Pacifica House sits poised on a coastal ridge with a sweeping view of the town below and the ocean beyond.  This project was designed to take in the scenic panorama that surrounds it, doing so with grace and respect.  Its terraced profile follows the topography of the hills around it and some portions of building elements recess into the land to temper their impact. 

The house utilizes passive design strategies, making use of the available wind patterns and solar exposure to lessen dependency on mechanical heating and cooling.  Smart home technology will also provide the owners with custom tuned lighting and media. 

After a playful day at the beach this house is just the right place to come home to, relax on the patio in the fading sunlight, and enjoy the view.