Designed to take full advantage of its quirky site, Prospect House is a compact cabin contributing to the stock of innovative modern residential design in Washington's Methow Valley. 

The site sits on a bench high above the river, bisected with a natural berm. While this provided privacy, it required the main rooms to be focused in different directions to preserve the grand views. The solution was an “L” shaped plan with the great room pointed one way and the master bedroom pointed another.  The inside corner created a cozy patio, sheltered from the wind and neighboring property.  The rusty steel on the outer walls gives way to cedar on the more protected sides.  Exposed steel beams and posts inside express the straightforward structure.   It was designed to be light and airy, to respond to the specifics of the site, and to accommodate guests and family with grace without being too big.  There is no wasted space, but it feels generous.