Shared Roof, a new mixed-use apartment building in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood, may initially appear to be like many other similarly scaled projects being built around town, but its unique backstory are poised to create a new model of family-oriented living. Owned by a collection of ten friends and families intent on living collaboratively, Shared Roof is founded on the principle of shared resources. Beyond the 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail is a public 1,500 square foot courtyard open to both 70th Street and Greenwood Avenue. The orientation of this space allows for easy flow of pedestrian traffic and ties the building not only to the main thoroughfare, but also to the residential neighborhood beyond it. Above, the interior courtyard provides access to all the units on levels two through five, providing an active European-style space while encouraging community within the building. The opportunities to build organic relationships continues onto the fully-occupiable roof that includes a greenhouse available for occupant use.

Because the owners will be living in the space, they are intimately involved with the design process, selecting high-quality materials and advanced sustainability features. The owners also opted to take advantage of Seattle’s contract rezone, which raised the allowable height from 40’ to 55’. This increased height allows the building to provide more family-sized units, ranging between two and four bedrooms, an increasing rarity among Seattle’s new construction. Of these 35 units, ten will be occupied by the owners and their families, while the rest will be open to the market, including apartments dedicated to affordable housing. With its emphasis on community-building through shared resources, Shared Roof sets a new and exciting precedent for urban living.