Stencil’s form and materiality was conceived as a response to its rich context.  The corner of 24th and Union is bustling, so Stencil’s cubic form and steel cladding form a strong presence anchoring the corner and presenting a strong face to the urban context to the north and west.  The rusted steel evokes a sense of warmth, age, and industry—and a little bit of funk, emphasizing the history and character of the Central District by not appearing too new, cold, and gentrified.  These strong public faces project slightly past their two ends, protective of the soft grey “interior” at the residential frontages to the south and east.  Projecting decks on the block interiors additionally lend a residential scale and texture creating a softer interface with neighbors. A counterpoint to the facades above, the transparent retail base reinforces the public realm with activating uses and opportunity for interaction.